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Beta Change Log
0.7.0 - Nov 29, 05
* d0c - Added status list (peer data) caching to decrease CPU usage - peer information is now cached, this has resulted in a 'lookup delay' for all peer details other than speed etc but the CPU savings offset the slight delay
* d0c - Optimised other pieces of code to reduce CPU usage further. I've managed to shave another couple of percent off the CPU overhead. Another side effect is the Rufus process doesn't take so long to close down.

0.6.9 - Oct 25, 05
* d0c - Improved error messages output for the reading of RSS/Search/friends ini files
* d0c - Changed the way the peerlist IP sorting works *again* (better workaround to the one used in version 0.6.8 - it actually works this time!)
* d0c - New choker options now saved - overlooked when the new choker was added (reported by Monk2000)
* d0c - (Linux) Fixed a couple of GUI bugs with the new choker GUI layout and a problem with client ident under Linux (reported and tested by strikeforce)
* d0c - Improved the internationalization support getting close to translation time...

0.6.8 - Oct 20, 05
* d0c - ***SEARCH FUNCTION REPLACED!!*** Rewrote the Search function - Now uses external browser to display results and supports multiple searches also making the feature less resource intensive and compatible with Linux
* d0c - Changed the choker options to allow for piece size and multipler (req by monk2000)
* d0c - Removed redundant GUI images from Rufus
* d0c - Added new 'connecting' and 'connected' states (with new icon) to represent the states before a download starts (req Mike)
* d0c - Changed the tray icon when not minimised to tray (when using the 'fixed tray icon' setting) to red the 'R' (req by back2earth)
* d0c - Fixed a few issues with the toolbar and stop/resume all dropdown menus and properly sized the toolbar removing the ugly line around the edge
* d0c - Fixed a bug with the web interface where it wouldn't show the Rufus logo if started via XMLRPC (double-clicking on a file) (reported by strikeforce and many others :-))
* d0c - The detailspanel is now cleared only once (instead of repeatedly) if nothing is selected or nothing is running
* d0c - Fixed a problem with new IP sort introduced in 0.6.6 - comparing long type to str type in customcolumnsorter caused RuntimeWarning (known Python issue)

0.6.7 - Oct 03, 05
* d0c - Added utorrent and Ruby Torrent peerids and fixed detection of Rufus to check for fake peer ids
* d0c - Changed the fast resume data checksum from md5 to SHA-1 to decrease the likelyhood of collision (suggested by strikeforce)
* d0c - Fixed a bug where an exception would occur in rerequester if a badly formed tracker URL (without 'http://') was given in a torrent file
* d0c - Fixed a bug in choker options - if you switched to the bittorrent choker from the other two options the settings would reset to default (reported by Monk2000)
* d0c - Bug fix - Tracker error/info messages were not being displayed 100% of the time, now they should be...
* d0c - Bug fix - Bencoded tracker response data is now checked for terminating whitespace and it is stripped to stop bdecode errors
* d0c - Bug fix - Removing the torrent in any state now ensures that the fast resume data is also removed

0.6.6 - Sept 25, 05
* d0c - Finally added a Fast-Resume feature :) Look in Prefs->Fast Resume to adjust the settings for this feature
* d0c - Added Peers, Leechers and Seeds to web interface (req by sid32)
* d0c - Added 'Seed Torrent' file menu option to make seeding a torrent more obvious
* d0c - Added a new menu item called 'Torrents' which gives menu access to stopping, resuming and removing of torrents (req by Monk2000)
* d0c - Added torrent piece size entry to details panel (req monk2000)
* d0c - Added a checksum and version string to fast resume data to give better error detection
* d0c - Fixed a bug in the file non-default save option which would result in data being moved when 'move on complete' was selected in prefs
* d0c - Fixed a bug in multiple file selection where Asian filenames would not be accepted - introduced in 0.6.1
* d0c - Fixed display bug in 'create torrent' where the lower buttons were clipped when running in win XP with skin (reported by fadetoblack)
* d0c - Fixed display bug in individual torrent choker options the Apply/Cancel buttons were clipped/missing (reported by Monk2000)
* d0c - Fixed sort by IP address bug and sort bugs in the rest of the peer/staus list (reported by Monk2000)

0.6.5 - Sept 17, 05
* d0c - Added Stop All torrents and Resume All torrents - small down arrow next to Stop and Resume buttons (req by Monk2000)
* d0c - Added download threshold setting to LeoXV choker - how much the peer has to download before choker is activated (req by Monk2000)
* d0c - Added Total Seed, Peer, Leech info to trayicon tooltip popup
* d0c - Added a check for multi-gzip error to zurllib - which was not as much work as I thought (req skee)
* d0c - Added SSL support (with gzip) for trackers - both announce and scrape (req wayno)
* d0c - Added 'tracker URL' to masterlist (req by czesiu)
* d0c - Start/Resume and Pause/Requeue can be configured so that they don't move the torrents around anymore - look in prefs under Peer/Torrent List (req by sid32)
* d0c - Partial rewrite of g3peerid to remove redundant code
* d0c - Reorganised the search panel GUI - more intuitive having all the controls at the top.
* d0c - Fixed an annoyance in search panel settings where you would could fill out the settings and not be able to save them
* d0c - Fixed a few problems with unicode and user interface translation - though there are probably more... (thanks Stefan)
* d0c - Fixed a bug in the peerlist where if torrent paused or stopped the peerlist would unnecessarily continue to try to delete item listings that didn't exist
* d0c - Bug fix in multi-file manager - right-clicking on the checkboxes caused an error
* d0c - Bug fix in Rerequester - when tracker returned bencoded data without peer IP addresses (like a blacklisted port message) an error would occur - error introduced in 0.5.7
* d0c - Bug fix - Rufus now removes all whitespace from torrent announce strings as this would cause errors in scrape
* d0c - Removed *ALL* setdefaulttimeout's as they was causing read errors with SSL

0.6.4 - Sept 8, 05
* d0c - Fixed error in peerlist so that it only auto sorts when selected in peerlist prefs (introduced in version 0.6.0)
* d0c - Fixed error in friends feature when selecting 'Never upload to this peer'
* d0c - More updates to peer identification - New Shareaza peerid and Ktorrent peerid added
* d0c - Fixed a bug in Create torrent (thanks Mr Splenius)
* LeoXV - (Linux) Fixed a bug with GUI update refresh under Linux (merged from Linux 0.6.1)
* LeoXV - Corrected a typo in storage wrapper
* LeoXV - (Linux) Squashed a bug in the clipboard access when adding a torrent via the 'Add from URL' button

0.6.3 - Sept 2, 05
* d0c - Now catching an error in g3rpcserver where if webinterface port was changed it would cause an error on restart
* d0c - Tray Icon graphs now clear when Rufus is restored from tray - requested as it can be misleading as it is not updated when Rufus isn't minimised to tray
* d0c - Fixed bugs in the search panel with the buttons - made some last minute changes and was a little over-confident with my coding I think... not enough testing :)

0.6.2 - Sept 1, 05
* d0c - Completed the activexwrapper for the search panel. Download requests intercepted so that torrents are loaded directly into Rufus
* d0c - Fixed a small issue with selection of peers from peerlist - clicking on mini-p2pgauge wouldn't select the list item

0.6.1 - Aug 24, 05 - Merge
* Merged the following changes from LeoXV into the current Rufus source:
* LeoXV - Tweaked socket timeout within scrape - will hopefully speed up Rufus shutdown in win32
* LeoXV - (Linux) Reduction of CPU usage when minimized
* LeoXV - Added ability to select more than one torrent at a time when loading torrents (requested)
* LeoXV - (Linux) Fixed stat errors on shutdown and reduced socket timeout to increase speed of close
* LeoXV - Added LeoXV's choker - adds share ratio parameter to g3torrent choker
* LeoXV - Added peer identification for MooPolice, SwarmScope, BTSlave and alt. libTorrent

0.6.0 - Aug 8, 05
* d0c - (win32) Search tab can now be disabled by right-clicking on the tabs and unchecking the 'search' option - eliminating resources used by search panel (restart needed to free resources properly - mijnimise to tray works to an extent)
* d0c - (win32) Added a new settings panel to the search tab which gives the user more control over the search engine settings
* d0c - Fixed a bug in the friends panel where if a non-default web interface/XMLRPC port was used it would disable the friends feature in certain circumstances
* d0c - Fixed an intermittent bug in the XMLRPC server which appeared when when a torrent was loaded directly from a web-browser causing Rufus to start - all other attempts to load more from the browser would fail (thanks odo646)
* d0c - Rufus now remembers the columns settings between torrents (req by R a d)

0.5.9 - July 24, 05
* d0c - Added search tab (win32 only for the moment) to allow for HTML searches to be carried out (requested)
* d0c - Added titlebar branding to the client - allows text to be added to the Rufus titlebar(requested)

0.5.8 - June 9, 05
* d0c - (win32) Finally fixed an annoying problem with the ListCtrl refresh introduced when upgrading to wxpython 2.6
* d0c - Added password protection to tray icon - password stored as MD5 hash in ini (requested)

0.5.7 - May 18, 05
* AlDoogy - Addition of listening port to details panel
* AlDoogy - Added tracker response debug output (config via btconfig.ini - set dbg_tracker to TRUE)
* AlDoogy - Added handling of incorrectly bencoded tracker data
* d0c - Re-added the function to clear the statusbar message when switching to messages tab (req by fadetoblack)
* d0c - Fixed a bunch of gui bugs in preparation for upgrade to wxpython 2.6 (graph, progress dblclk popup etc.)
* d0c - Added choice of percentage mini-progress bar for peer/torrent list config via prefs (req by back2earth)
* d0c - Added a whole bunch of missing country flags
* d0c - Fixed BitTornado peer identification and added modded FUTB/xUTB BitComet client ident
* d0c - Fixed bug with status panel which was causing problems with sizing the columns
* d0c - Fixed User-Agent reporting - Rufus now correctly identifed by certain trackers

0.5.6 - April 6, 05
NOTE: Main Reason for such a quick update is that the locale directory is missing from the 0.5.5 installer
* d0c - Added the locale directory to the installer (includes English and 'h4x0r' language - for testing purposes)
* d0c - Small fix to flag lookup to deal with uppercase domains

0.5.5 - April 5, 05
* d0c - Fixed the installer so that it reads all 4 torrent incoming/complete folder names
* d0c - Found and converted text that I missed in the internationalisation/language efforts in 0.5.4
* d0c - Changed the Seeds/Peers column to show Seeds/Leechers instead and totals now shows seeds, leechers and peers (req by Preducer and odo646)
* d0c - Added referer option to web interface
* d0c - Fixed a whopping great bug with the web interface (thanks sid32)

0.5.4 - March 29, 05
* d0c - Added update checking on start/every N hours (config in prefs)
* d0c - Added support for languages/translation of the Rufus GUI. Needs testing before actual translation of the GUI

0.5.3 - March 28, 05
* LeoXV - Fixed problems with update threading in RSS reader
* d0c & LeoXV - Fixed a bug with the threading used in XMLRPCserver
* d0c - Changed remove routines to only attempt to remove files if they exist - stops annoying 'file not found' error messages
* d0c - Added rescan torrent folder right-click option to torrent list (req sid32)
* d0c - Now catching socket.timeout exception in URLfetch
* d0c - Added referer spoofing to 'add from URL'
* d0c - Added detection of ZipTorrent, Arctic and older version of Azureus to g3peerid as well as 2 unknown clients 'PO' and 'UR' which I've seen a few times
* d0c - RSS reader now waits until return from feed update before allowing another update... prevents multiple requests to the same RSS feed (hammering)
* d0c - Removed 'up' and 'down' status bar text... arrows should be more than enough
* d0c - Re-organised colour preferences - seperate colour choices for taskbar icon now and removed 'requested' (for now)
* d0c - Moved 'popup error messages' prefs option into 'error options' panel (makes more sense)
* d0c - Installer now reads previous torrent/download path from btconfig.ini unless blank and displays them in the installer (req sid32)
* d0c - Changed the default icons... might add a simple icon skinning option so that other icon sets, including the old blue ones, can be used.

0.5.2 - February 28, 05
* d0c - Added detection of BitVampire 1.3.1 and GreedBT 2.70 to g3peerid
* d0c - Updated text in the NSIS installer script to better explain temp torrent folder and removed the popup 'please specify a folder' popup
* d0c - Attempted fix #5 for wx.BufferedDC error ;)
* d0c - Fixed RSS feed save - would sometimes remove entries when nothing was selected
* d0c - Changes in build/package to optimise the bytecode before py2exe processing
* d0c - Fixed 'Resume' function so that it shows hash checking percentage on resume

0.5.1 - February 23, 05
* d0c - Fixed useragent not being announced correctly to trackers
* d0c - Column sorting fixed in status list for Raw Peerid
* d0c - Added detection of Ctorrent to g3peerid
* d0c - Prefs dialog now interacts with taskbar and added linebreaks to WebUI panel and Connections panel (req by solitaryrpr)
* d0c - Changed text in RSS reader to make saving of RSS addresses more apparent and added tooltip
* LeoXV - Experimental 'announce' changes implemented

0.5.0 - February 21, 05
* LeoXV - Tweaks to g3listctrl for Linux Compatibility
* d0c - changes to the installer to check for existing download/torrent folders
* d0c - Squished the OverFlowError bug
* d0c - Added Bits on Wheels and BitLord detection to g3peerid

0.4.9 - February 17, 05
* d0c - Added new eXeem peer_id and name detection
* LeoXV - Fixed Linux resource problems related to an earlier 'bug fix' by d0c ;)
* d0c - Updated the installer to allow the user to select download and torrent folders and to detect other instances of the installer running in memory

0.4.8 - February 13, 05
* d0c - Popped that balloon (the popup balloon that I actually broke a few versions back that no-one will miss ;))
* d0c - Small changes to the way the seeds/peers/downloaded stats are scraped from the tracker (this will not alter download performance ;) )
* d0c - Other small bug fixes
* d0c - Added detection of BTGetit peerid
* LeoXV - Squashed Linux scrollbar bug
* LeoXV - Fixed Linux incompatibility in double-click progress dialog
* LeoXV - Upgraded Linux version to support wxpython 2.5

0.4.7 - February 9, 05
* d0c - Having issues with Python 2.4 and 'OverflowError' errors. Client back to Python 2.3.4 for now.
* d0c - Fixed issue with draging and dropping of torrents - decode errors when torrents were OK

0.4.6 - January 31, 05
* d0c - Fixed installer to correct an error with paths

0.4.5 - January 28, 05
* LeoXV - Fixed bug with Friends/Foe dropdown box
* d0c - Rewrote RSS reader to use threads to avoid blocking by the feedparser
* d0c - Added Auto piece size option to the 'make torrent' function
* d0c - Catching 'BadStatusLine' error in both Scrape and Announce functions now

0.4.0 - January 17, 05
* d0c - Added code to allow RSS feeds to be saved
* d0c - Added a proper HTML preview window to RSS reader
* d0c - Fixed an error with the displaying of non-English characters in the RSS Reader
* LeoXV - Added peer/seed totals to status bar
* LeoXV - Added date to message timestamp
* d0c - Added/Fixed Asian language support - tested with both Japanese and Chinese
* d0c - Added utf-8 encoding support to 'make torrent' option - compliant with current Azureus and BitComet .utf-8 extension

0.3.2 - January 12, 05
* d0c - Added code to reset colours to default in prefs
* d0c - Updated the Unicode support to support the utf-8 extension and different types of encoding via 'encoding' entry
* d0c - Added a 'Stopped' message to the p2pgauge when a torrent is stopped
* d0c - Added the &no_peerid=1 flag to the announce string for tracker comptability
* d0c - Fixed the error where there are two alternating torrent states for the same torrent

0.3.1 - December 17, 04
* d0c - Fixed the double-click on torrent error where the progress dialog would only be displayed once (req by aretecte)
* d0c - Fixed an issue with the time not being displayed in the torrent progress dialog (req by sid32)
* Bones - Added toggle toolbar function/menu option (req by aretecte)
* Bones - Added toggle tabs button on toolbar (req by aretecte)
* Apraxhren - Fixed a bug in progress dialog where colours were displayed incorrectly
* d0c - Removed leech choker and spoof abilities - sharing good... leeching bad. Spoofing unnecessary.
* d0c - Added right-click remove/add pages from the tab window (Details, Graph, Messages... etc)
* d0c - Added peerid recognition for all versions of: eXeem, Shareaza, XBT, XanTorrent, BitSpirit, BitComet, Burst!, Experimental, TurboBT, TorrentTopia, BitBuddy, TorrenTres and re-wrote detection for Mainline
* d0c - Created a new peerid for BitMagnet which includes the version number

0.3.0 - October 31, 04
* Now based on G3torrent RC1
* Upgraded g3 to support wxpython (g3rmz was responsible for the bulk of this)
* Fixed the RSS reader (no more ASCII decode errors)
* Changed spoofing to include useragent string - making it much harder for trackers to block g3
* Added a select checkbox function to the right-click in the multi-file manager
* Fixed g3 RC1 double click error which was only seen when a double clicking on a .torrent while g3 RC1 wasn't open
* Fixed an error where when you double clicked on a .torrent file it wasn't being loaded into g3 - this was due to an error in my code with my first two tweaked versions (surprised it wasn't reported as a bug...)
* Rewrote the Web Interface POST function so that when you change the Web Interface port double clicking on a .torrent still works
* Unicode support upgraded meaning much greater support for other languages (still working on Asian support - this is a tough one)
* Added DNS lookup to the friends list (experimental) editing the friends.ini and replace the ip address with no-ip etc hostname if I get enough requests I will change the interface to accept both IP addresses and dynamic hostnames (no-ip.com etc)
* Fixed the installer so that it removes the g3 desktop icon and g3 start menu shortcuts correctly.

0.2.0 - October 2, 04
* Recoded the web interface to use POST method so no password etc shown in URL (req by ricochet_sf)
* Added an extra refresh button at the top of the web interface (Req by mochaaddict24)
* Added unicode language support using CJKPython - support for Asian languages etc (req by kanji_man)
* Added a setting in 'General settings' that lets you have a fixed tray icon (no disappearing) (req by sid32)
* Fixed the 'associate' button so it shouldn't break the .torrent file association

0.1.0 - September 19, 04
* Added 'select all' to right-click in multifile manager
* Added 'invert selection' to right-click in multifile manager (requested on the boards)
* Added the ability to change the port of the Web Interface (from default 7007) (requested)
* Added option to not restore G3 from taskbar when adding torrent via web interface
* Added 'browse to torrent data folder' right-click option in the torrent window
* Added 'browse to default incoming folder' button in toolbar
* Added ability to copy the torrent info hash to the clipboard by clicking on it
* Corrected a bug where when a multi-folder torrent was deleted it left behind folders
* Corrected bug where G3 moved the wrong folder on completion of multi-file torrents if non-default save was selected and move to folder was set in prefs.