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Nov 30st 2005

File release changes!!
After having an email or two with Monk2000 I've decided to change the way that I release Rufus. From now on I will have a Beta version and a Stable version on the downloads page.
With this change in effect the latest beta release is 0.7.0 and the last stable is 0.6.9.
The changelog for Rufus 0.6.9 is here.

The changelog for Rufus 0.7.0 is here.

To be notified of new beta releases, signup for notification here (click this icon Monitor This Package next to each package). You will then be notified of both new beta and new stable releases via your sourceforge email (...yes you will need a sourceforge account).


Nov 21st 2005

I've run into a couple of problems with my planned release of Rufus 0.7.0 so I'm releasing 0.6.9 for those wanting the fast resume feature and other bug fixes. The changelog is here.

It's 2am Sunday night... only 4 hours until I get up... Damn.

Nov 10th 2005

An adware/spyware bundled version of Rufus has been released by TorrentSpy this week. I totally disagree with spyware and am trying to get this sorted out. Read more about this here: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1381941&forum_id=440416

If you want more info the spyware bundled with the Torrentspy version here is a link: http://www.doxdesk.com/parasite/SaveNow.html

In the mean time, if you have downloaded and installed the Torrentspy Rufus and want to remove the spyware that was bundled with it, you can use the following free software to help you remove it: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/download/
This is the spybot search and destroy application which removes most adware/spyware.

You could also use Ad-Aware personal which is also free

I'm trying to sort this out so bare with me.


Sept 17th 2005

0.6.5 is out and the changelog is here.


Sept 8th 2005

Version 0.6.4 released - more bug fixes :) Check out the changelog here


Sept 2nd 2005

Another quick update. Fixed a few things I missed when testing... check out the changelog here

Sept 1st 2005

Finally another update! :-). Check out the changelog here. The download might have an extra 'a' or 'b' in the name... just ignore this as it's to do with the sourceforge upload system.

The updates have been slow - mainly due to an incredibly busy summer (weddings etc.). There are lots of bug fixes and additions and one main new feature - an HTML search panel. The search panel will allow you to add different search engines to make finding and downloading torrents easier. The search panel can be disabled via right-clicking on the tabs and deselecting it from the menu (for users concerned about resources).

NOTE: The search panel WILL increase the resources used - hence why it can be disabled.

I'm writing a small guide to show how to add new items to the Searchpanel for those that need it and I'll be adding some content to the FAQ section!!

Coming soon:
For those waiting for to translate the client -> There are some bugs with the handling of unicode which need to be sorted out first... should be fixed in the next version. Fast Resume is also in the works but it is too buggy to release at the moment.


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